Demonstration Case



Demo Kit

Demonstration case
with TDS-watertester, electrolysis device

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The demonstration case is a space-saving 4 stages reverse osmosis in a aluminium case. This system is perfectly suited for presentations or displays in front of customers. It is also useful for travels, caravans or in the garden. The fitting is made by an adapter which you can attach to your mixing battery. The pre filters should be exchanged every 6-12 months, the inline post charcoal absorber yearly and the membrane every 2-3 years. We recommend to desinfect the system when changing the filter. Please also nota that the membrane has to be kept wet at all times, even when not in use. The case is equipped with a booster pump. The booster pump regulates the water pressure which is needed for the membrane. The power consumption is at 230 volt, trafo 24 volt/2 ampere. Furthermore, an individual concept of each osmosis unit is possible.

Filter stages

Filter stage 1: Sediment filter

Filters the following: dirt, rust and sand particles.

Filter stage 2: charcoal absorber
Filters the following: reduction of chlorine and organic pollution.

Filter stage 3: Sediment filter
Filters the following: removes left over suspended solids, as well as tiny sediment particles.

Filter stage 4: reverse osmosis membrane
The membrane is the most important filter module and removes up to 99% of all impurities, including medicine debris and heavy metals out of the water.

Demo Kit
The demo kit with and without booster pump with TDS-watertester, electrolysis device. The demo kit is a space-saving 4 stage reverse osmosis in a aluminium case. RO technology even with low water pressure.

Ideal for:
• Presentations.
• Travels.
• Demonstrations for customers.
• Garden.
• Caravan.
• Etc.

Dayly litre performance: 190 litre/day (50G.P.D Filmtec membrane) also available as 75 or 100 G.P.D.

System contains of:
• Aluminium case.
• 4 filter stages.
• TDS - Tester (water tester).
• Electrolysis (water tester).
• Manual.
• Long connecting tubes.
• Fitting set.

4 stage filter contain of:
• 5 micron in line sediment filter.
• GAC charcoal filter.
• 1 micron sediment filter.
• 190 litre filmtec membrane.

Measurements: 40x31x16 cm (LxWxH).
Weight: 3 kg.
Option: booster pump


Demo Kit

Demonstration case
with TDS-watertester, electrolysis device

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