Free Flow Facilities



FreeFlow System

Slim design , Low water consumption , fresh-pressed water , without tank , higher water quality, Quick Change filter

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FreeFlow System

compact design without water tank , filter changes fast by Quick Change filter 1140 liters a day, high water quality, Countertop , tap

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This model is fitted underneath the sink. A Free Flow Facility has no storage tank for water. Fresh water is delivered at any time. These facilities work with booster pumps which press water through the membranes even when there is extremley low pressure. Usually these models are build with 3 membranes.
There is a possibility to install a 3-way-tap. This way there would be cold/warm/osmosis water out of one mixing battery and there is no need for a second tap for osmosis water. The power consumption is at 230 volt, trafo 24 volt / 2 ampere. Furthermore, there is a possibility of individual conception of any type of osmosis facility.

Filter stages

Filter stage 1. Sediment filter.
Filters the following: Dirt, rust and sand particles.

Filter stage 2: charcoal absorber.
Filters the following: Reduction of chlorine and organic pollution.

Filter stage 3: Sediment filter.
Filters the following: removes leftover suspended matter as well as tiny sediment pieces.

Filter stage 4-6: reverse osmosis membrane.
The membrane is the most important filter module an removes up to 99% of all impurities including medicine debris or heavy metals out of the water.

Have your own water source in the house!
The thought of clean, high quality spring water out of the own tap is unimaginable, but thanks to the innovative technology of the molecular filtration it is possible. PURE LUXURY!!! Thanks to our nano filtration system it is possible to remove all impurities out of the tap water. Impurities such as: lead, chalk, hormones, cholibacteria, legionella, viruses, bacteria, etc.

After the filtration you can enjoy the healthy water out of a seperate pipe for things such as: cooking, cleaning of food, making tea or coffee or for just a glass of water. This innovative reverse osmosis system comes without a tank. You will always receive fresh osmosis water. This excludes the danger of pollution in the tank and you will need less space without the tank. The system is provided with a booster pump and an automatic membrane flushing and can also be used in households with little tap water pressure.

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