Full Service

We do not only sell osmosis and water treatment plants but also all-in-one solutions with an individual touch. Starting with the manifacturing of the water filter facility to the installation and the aftersales services.

Our know-how in following areas supports our customers to realise their expectations:

• House-water filter/chalk filter.
• Water filter
• Reverse osmosis systems
• Shower filter
• Pumps
• Water tester

Advantages of our guaranteed afer sale services:

• intelligent outsourcing of all services
• Takeover of distribution, Retour management, reminders, maintenance, analysis and development, assembling and project management.Welche Vorteile haben unsere Kunden von unseren garantierten After-Sales-Leistungen?

Your MWS-Team is at your service. Send us a short message and we will get back to you.

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