Undertable Unit



compact unit

Compact design , Very easily accessible filter , Quick Change filter , quick lock, integrated 8L tank

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TÜV Certified pre-filter , open design , external storage tank

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Undersink reverse osmosis system

filter with snaps, external storage tank , open design

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This unit is installed underneath the sink. There is an opportunity to install a 3-Way-tap. This way, you would have Cold, warm, osmosis water out of one mixer tap and do not require a second tap for osmosis water.

The pre filters should be exchanged every 6-12 months. The Inline post charcoal absorber yearly and the membrane every 2-3 years. We recommend to desinfect the unit with every change of filter.

The units can be equipped with either a booster pump or a permeate pump. The booster pump regulates the water pressure which is needed for the membrane. The power consumption is at 230 Volt, Trafo 24 Volt / 2 ampere. The permeate pump reduces sewage up to 80%. This is valid for all reverse osmosis units with a storage tank. Furthermore, there is the possibility of an individual conception of any osmosis unit.

Filter stages

Filter stage 1: Sediment Filter
Filters the following: Dirt, Rust, sand particles.

Filter stage 2: charcoal absorber
Filters the following: Reduction of chlorine and organic pollution.

Filter stage 3: Sediment filter
Filters the following: removes suspended solids, as well as tiny sediment pieces.

Filter stage 4: Reverse osmosis membrane
The membrane is the most important filter module and removes up to 99% of all impurities, such as medicine debris or heavy metals out of the water.

Filter stage 5: Inline post charcoal absorber
Filters once again the stored water and neutralises odour and taste. Reverse osmosis undertable unit.


Reverse osmosis system

Reverse osmosis system

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Here you will find a suitable and space-saving reverse osmosis unit for your kitchen. Whether 5-7 staged osmosis units with vitalising filter, organic ceramic filter or water energizer and permeate pump, or rather booster pumps for improvement of the sewage rate? No matter for which purpose, we always offer a suitable solution!

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